Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ash Lawn-Highland’s 18th Annual WineFest

If out of town drivers and drunk celebrating college graduates is not your thing, then you'll avoid Charlottesville like the plague this weekend and instead come out to the Ash Lawn-Highland 18th Annual WineFest.While you are there, make sure you stop by Kira's Crepes because nothing goes better with grapes, than crepes! Here's our menu to help you decide.

If you've been reading me for a while now, you know how I love a good deal. The more money I save you, the more money you'll have available for a crepe! In that spirit, if you plan to go to the WineFest, buy your tickets now and save $5. If you can't make it this weekend, but still want to check out Ash Lawn-Highland,  WishWish can make it happen for cheap.

One of the vineyards featured at this wine festival is First Colony. We held our wedding reception there and they hold a special place in my heart.  WishWish is offering a deal on a First Colony wine tasting.

The weather is suppose to be beautiful, so I hope to see you this weekend.

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